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Dental Hygiene 

Teeth Cleaning
The Dog House provides professional teeth cleaning for your furry friends. We use the latest Emmi-Pet Pro technology to ensure a safe and effective cleaning for your dog. Our experienced team is committed to helping your pet stay healthy and happy, and we take preventive measures to ensure any gum problems can be avoided.

At The Dog House, we love animals, and it shows in the care we take to make sure your pet is well looked after. Visit us today and let us help keep your pup’s teeth as clean as can be.

Tips for healthy dog teeth

Dental problems are very common to animals. Even attentive pet owners often miss the fact that the dog or the cat suffers from painful diseases of the teeth. Even dogs are often affected by tartar and painful gingivitis. Animals cannot communicate when they are plagued by severe toothache. Therefor preventative care is a must. The dental care of the dog should be as important to you as your own. In this article you will find products for canine care, how to give your four-legged friend a thorough dental care and how ultrasound benefits the dental health of animals.

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Results after one session with the emmi-pet pro cleaning service offered at The Dog House

Professional Cleaning Services 

Did you know that by the age of three, 80% of dogs will have some form of dental disease, which often ends up with your pooch needing expensive and invasive veterinary treatment.

At The Dog House, we specialize in providing professional teeth cleaning services for dogs. Our experienced staff uses the latest technology to ensure your dog’s teeth are clean and healthy. We use the emmi-pet pro system, which works silently with ultrasound technology, to clean under the gum line and protect your dog against gingivitis, tartar formation, halitosis, and periodontal disease. With our services, you can be sure that your pup is getting the best dental care possible

How the Emmi Pet Toothbrush Works

The patented Piezo chip located in the brush head generates up to 96 million oscillations per minute. For comparison, electric toothbrushes generate approx 20,000 oscillations per minute

Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste creates millions of micro-bubbles, which “implode” and clean the teeth, gums, palate, and tongue in the most effective way. Completely silent and motionless with absolutely no vibration so your pet remains relaxed. Simply wet the brush head, apply the toothpaste, and hold it against the teeth and gums. No brushing is required.

Ultrasound for dog teeth care

With the emmi®-pet is now also the first ultrasonic toothbrush for animals available, which cleans the teeth of dogs thoroughly and motionless. Because the electric toothbrush works completely noiselessly, the toothbrush is also suitable for dogs refusing to care for teeth with a conventional model. Sonic tooth cleaning helps to effectively prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and calculus, mouth odour and tooth loss.

Dog dentistry from the beginning

For healthy dog teeth you should start with prevented dental care already at puppy age, so the animal is used to the procedure from the beginning. Reward the desired behaviour with treats and affection. In this way, you lay the foundation for healthy dog teeth and save your beloved pet possibly a lengthy treatment at the vet. The regular scheduled visit at the vet is also a necessary and important part of the care routine to detect possible dental problems early and treat them if necessary.

A new micro-cleaning method with pure ultrasound is the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush (max 96 million vibrations per minute)


The ultrasonic toothbrush from emmi®-pet offers you a new mode of action and therefore maximum benefit with the help of special technology. Thanks to the new micro-cleaning process with pure ultrasound, the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush achieves up to 96 million vibrations per minute. Conventional cleaning methods such as the toothbrushing technique with hand or other electric toothbrush perform a so-called macro-cleaning, consisting of mechanical movements with 20,000 to 30,000 oscillations per minute. In contrast, the new micro-cleaning with up to 96 million oscillations per minute on a completely different technology - the novel, "motion" and almost touch-free ultrasonic technology. This has the unbeatable advantage that it thereby professionally and thoroughly cleans the hard-to-reach places in oral cavity. The ultrasonic waves penetrate into the smallest gaps.

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